Breadbord system

Computer simulation allows to describe the performance of a circuit within a wide range of temperature and frequency. But as the so-called “parasitics” of individual IC components are mostly disregarded, usually the performance of the finished analog ICs differ considerable from the computer simulation.
The "Breadboard Simulation" uses kitparts. These kitparts are ICs, consisting of separate discrete cells or macro cells (e.g. OpAmp, comparators, voltage regulators), which can also be used in the final ASIC.

ASIC GmbH offers a Breadbord system to realise the wiring of a complex circuit fast and clearly arranged. By using this simulation method you will get a realistic performance test of the circuit and therefore malfunctions can be eliminated at an early stage and redesign costs can be avoided.

Download  Datasheets (pdf-file):

Breadboard-System (13 kByte)

Kitparts (89 kByte)