ASICs - Application Specific Integrated Circuits


Unlike standard components, a customer specific integrated circuit is designed to your individual specification and fulfills in only one device the requested performance features. These circuits are also called ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit).

ASIC GmbH - All services from one source

ASIC GmbH located east of Munich is specialised in development of application specific ICs for more than 20 years. We offer the entire scope of services from circuit development, simulation, layout, wafer production and testing up to packaging of ASICs. Well-known manufacturers from industry, aviation and sensor technology belong to our long-time customers.

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Development of customer specific integrated circuits

The development of ASICs requires a very close co-operation between design engineer and customer. The project managers will decide if a semicustom or fullcustom IC will achieve the best economic system solution. The most important factors for this decision are development time, integration density and project costs. Depending on customer’s request the co-operation can take place on different levels, but starting point for every ASIC development is the individual circuit diagram or technical specification sheet.

There is an additional advantage in working with us:
Benefit of our more than 20 years of experience and develop the ASIC yourself, using the support of our design engineers. No matter if circuit development, simulation or layout – we will always find an interface for our services.



Why using ASICs ? - The advantages are simple and clear  


Eine Analyse der Vorteile und insbesondere der Wirtschaftlichkeit von anwendungsspezifischen ICs basiert auf folgenden Gesichtspunkten:


        -   Space and weight saving

        -   Increase in system reliability   

        -   Protection of intellectual property (IP) / copy protection





        -   Reduction in power consumption 

        -   Lower stock-keeping expenses
        -   Price advantage
        -   Replacement of obsolete standard ICs


Our ASIC’s operate almost everywhere:


-  as sensors

-  in consumer electronics

-  in measurement and control technology

-  in medical technology

-  in research and development

-  in automotive industry

-  in aviation and aerospace industry


...and what about your applications?