BCD    1.0 Ám BCD Processes
for analog, mixed-signal and high power applications up to 650 volts

This BCD process is used to design high voltage ICs with low power. The typical breakdown voltage is 650 volts. This 1.0 Ám BCD process combines DMOS, Bipolar and CMOS technologies to integrate a wide variety of MOS and bipolar components on the same die. In addition to the aforementioned CMOS caracteristics the BCD process also provides the following features:


        -   650 volts und 350 volts n-channel DMOS

        -   350 volts PMOS

        -   20 volts CMOS / 80 volts Bipolar transistors, 650 volts capacitors and diodes 
        -   3 metal layers
        -   Up to 3 poly layers for different resistors and capacitors